Scientific Association

Techbridge started working with Triple Helix Association in 2011.  What began as a conference website has developed  into a platform to promote debate on the interactions between the academic, industrial and institutional systems as means to foster technological innovation and economic growth.

With more than 2,000 members in 40 countries, the Triple Helix Association (THA) is aiming to advance the global scientific knowledge and practical achievements related to all aspects of the interaction between Academy-Industry-Government (Triple Helix).

THA’s extensive digital presence is critical to the way in which it engages with members and other audiences.


Techbridge designed, developed and maintain responsive website for THA with:

  • Membership functionality with “members-only” content access
  • Members gallery
  • Custom content generated by members
  • Payment system (Authorize.Net)


Techbridge assists THA with:

  • Mailing list growth
  • Quarterly newsletters format and distribution among members and subscribers
  • Custom scientific content format and publishing

Other services

  • Fast, scalable and reliable web server for THA’s websites
  • Google Apps administration and support
  • Digital consulting
  • Social media consulting




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