Non-profit campaign

Ontario-based environmental non-profit have been very successful on achieving their mission mission is to ”engage users in sustained self-education, dialogue and activity to address water level issues in Georgian Bay, starting now. Techbridge is really pleased with the design and development work we’ve done together.

The developed website focuses on two key calls to action: providing those who wants to join the campaign with seamless connection with other members and help those who joined to seamlessly recruit  their friends.  Since many of possible members were on mobile devices the site has been developed using adaptive design. This includes website section with custom and complex functionality as polls and surveys, “Refer a friend”, photo contest, etc.


Techbridge designed, developed and maintain responsive website for THA with:

  • Membership functionality with “members-only” content access
  • Polls and surveys
  • Custom content generated by members

Other services

  • Fast, scalable and reliable testenviroment
  • Email campaigns support
  • Digital consulting
  • Social media consulting


non-profit wordpress website

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