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Excuse Me, But Why Did You Leave My Website? January 12, 2016

It’s highly competitive in today’s digital business climate. You need to attract, serve and satisfy more digital customers as the key to success and increasing revenue. Happy customers are more loyal, coming back to you again and referring you via social networks and word of mouth.

It’s a challenge to keep that loyalty. Recent research shows that as many as 90% of the digital customers will simply leave after just one single bad experience. The experience delivered has to be not

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation December 18, 2014


Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) is in place to protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.


It is YOUR duty to understand and comply with the law!
Get your FREE copy of “The New Law Governing Business Email”

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Not sure if you need mobile friendly website? Google warns! December 5, 2014

From now on in Google’s English search results in the US, whenever it detects that smartphone users are redirected to a homepage instead of the the page they asked for, Google may note it below the result. If you still wish to proceed to the page, you can click “Try anyway”.

You may use Google’s own test to check if your web page is mobile friendly.

Do you still question yourself if you need mobile friendly website?
Directing smartphone users to

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Best office is no office July 19, 2014

“We have this factory model, and we think someone’s working if they show up in the morning and they’re not drunk, they don’t sleep at their desks, they leave at the right time. But that has so little to do with what you create. And we all know people who create a lot without fitting into those norms.”

Matt Mullenweg.

Digital Adaptation May 14, 2014

I would recommend every business owner read this book!
A sneak peek from the author of “Digital Adoption” Paul Boag.

Digital is not just another tool we can bolt on to our businesses. It has transformed our world and our organisations need to adapt to this new reality. In his book and podcast, Digital strategist Paul Boag looks at what steps you need to take in order to ensure your organisation succeeds in the digital economy.

Do responsive websites outperform non-mobile-optimized ones? February 21, 2013

According to ELECTRIC PULP, one of their customer (O’Neill Clothing) shown a dramatic conversion rate change after making their website design conditionally liquid.

Check out the result!


CONVERSIONS: + 65.71% up
TRANSACTIONS: + 112.50% up
REVENUE: + 101.25% up

Android Devices:

CONVERSIONS: + 407.32% up
TRANSACTIONS: + 333.33% up
REVENUE: + 591.42% up

Not bad, ah?

Mobile buyers have already come and we can NOT ignore them anymore.